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The IPTV box still sparks many debates until now. Some users think that it is an illegal device. Others are hesitant to take the plunge and acquire this type of device for different reasons. Is this box legal? If so, what are its main uses?

The IPTV box: what is it exactly?

Thanks to this device, it is possible to broadcast the programs available on television using the Internet. In other words, users are not forced to use a traditional antenna or a traditional cable. They will only have to use an IP protocol. This allows you to access many TV channels or live broadcasts.

To stand out from the crowd, some boxes allow you to watch streaming content. It is up to the customer to select the box based on the type of subscription and its features. The IPTV box can provide access to: films, series, television shows, etc. This device can even be used to play video games or browse the Internet.

In order to take full advantage of this modern device, its user will need to subscribe to an online television service. He will have the option to choose between free IPTV services or a monthly paid subscription. Before selecting a particular service, it is advisable to find out about the conditions and payment terms.

What are the different types of IPTV boxes available on the market?

In principle, each type of box is distinguished by functionality and price.

·     The dedicated IPTV box

This device is generally used to watch online TV channels. Having basic functionality, it is easy to use and handle. It allows you to read channels live and in replay.

·     The hybrid IPTV box

This type of device has other additional features. Through this device, the user can stream programs and browse the Internet. It should be noted that this device is more complete than dedicated IPTV boxes.

·     The Android IPTV box

This type of box only works under the Android operating system. It is a versatile device. To be able to use it fully, its user must have some computer knowledge.

The advantage with this device is that it has the functionalities of the two previous IPTV Boxes. It allows:

From playing video games on a TV;

Start playing music or other multimedia files.

Android IPTV boxes are often compatible with many devices. They even offer the possibility of adding additional functionalities.

What is the point of purchasing an IPTV box?

Many users choose to invest in an IPTV box since its cost is lower than traditional television. The price of an IPTV subscription is less expensive than the package for cable or satellite television.

The IPTV box is a versatile tool. It allows you to watch various devices (television, computer, smartphone or tablet). Unlike traditional television, this device provides access to more varied content.

To take advantage of your IPTV box, you must have a stable Internet connection. With a connection that is too weak or unstable, this device will encounter problems with playback or image quality.

Is it legal to use IPTV services?

If the use of this device is limited to personal use, the user is not breaking the law. In the market, there are several IPTV service providers that are both legitimate and legal. In return, users will have to subscribe to a package with them.

In the majority of cases, the services offered in IPTV boxes come from telecommunications companies or media companies. These companies are forced to comply with strict regulations. They must also have licenses.

In different countries, such as France, the distribution of content is protected by copyright. If IPTV subscription providers do not have authorization from the broadcasting rights holders, they will be operating illegally.

Some providers operate illegally because they do not have the necessary rights and authorizations to distribute the content. Generally, they offer very discounted packages. Do not trust these suppliers.

The quality of their content is often poor. In addition, you will risk being associated with these criminals. You are likely to suffer sanctions in the same way as the people who carried out the fraud. You will be exposed to financial penalties and legal action.

Before selecting an IPTV box, make sure that it offers a legitimate service in accordance with the regulations.


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